“One sassy performer…clarity, power…full of high points…genres truly all over the Americana map.” - Austin American Statesman

“Accomplished interpreter and a sense for what she’s all about as a songwriter…stir up, sit back…ahhh” - Austin Chronicle

“Top Ten Americana Artists ” -Austinamericana

“One of the Hottest acts around – as good as you can get” -Florida Times Union

“Clear powerful voice – Gusty – Down to Earth” - 3rd Coast Music

“With a Soul & Heartbeat, a Mover and a Shaker, full of Diversity” - First Coast Entertainer

“A Voice that beckons, that draws the Listener closer” - Austin American Statesman

“When she sings, everyone listens” - Austin American Statesman

“One of the Top Ultimate Downloads” - Esquire Magazine

“Karen’s new CD is one of my favorites. She is special. Four Stars ! “ - Editor, Rootstown Magazine, Belgium

“Karen’s CD is Everything & Anything. The passages portray a trust in herself” - Buscadero Magazine, Italy

“Wonderful voice, Great Music, and Beautiful strong songs” - Radio Fregates, Belgium

“Karen finds ways of getting and holding people's attention. She subtly draws you in,

eliciting admiration without demanding it” - 3rd Coast Music

“Cheerful and energetic, her sets and albums are geared to pleasing and holding audiences…gusty & powerful, 4 stars” -3rd Coast Music

“Abrahams is an exceptional songwriter with a powerful, gutsy voice. Some of Austin's best are on this CD” - Austin Acoustic Music Online

“Abrahams understands concision & discipline, and both serve her well in painting the economical portraits of life & love that inhabit her new album” -Austin American Statesman

"A folkish score by Karen Abrahams haunts me still” -Austin American Statesman

"It’s about pickin’ & singin’....Kick-ass Country Swing….You’re hooked….Stir-up, kick-back....ahh 3 1/2 Stars" -Austin Chronicle

“An audience-pleaser everywhere she goes….Outstanding” -Border Books & Music

“The choice of the passages, original or not, portrays an uncommon obstinacy, a grim attitude, and a trust in herself. Her versions of cult classics are given with great taste and conviction, showing respect for the authors, yet being appreciated & enjoyed by the new generations. Karen has learned the lesson well" -Buscadero Magazine, Italy

” Karen’s “toe-tapping, strangely addictive” version of White Rabbit “has won her attention from disc jockeys around the globe” –Corpus Christi Caller

"She has excellent voice projection and quality....Easy to listen to and is comfortable with her crowds" --Country Music Magazine, Florida

“Excellent vocals.…Heartfelt original lyrics….A hard driving talented woman” --Entrée Magazine

"Karen's band has a flexible attitude and plays classics in addition to adroitly conceived originals, such as Karen's "Like Old Friends," which has hit potential" --First Coast Entertainer

“Karen Abrahams sings with conviction and style. She is tough as nails. Karen continues to gain new converts to her fiercely original blend of gritty Texas Blues fused with Rock ‘n’ Soul. Karen’s voice has much more depth & power, imbued with a gritty Blues edge that seems to emanate from the inner reaches of her soul” --First Coast Entertainer

"She has good material and deep-down-to-the-roots, soulful voice that is real good" -Florida Times-Union

"Karen Abrahams has been a fixture on the music scene in Jacksonville" -Florida Times-Union

“Her gutsy voice has been compared to several high profile vocalists, but she definitely has her “own” stunning voice. A Must See” -Folio Magazine

"People are still talking about your performance....One talented lady....Will not be forgotten" -Historic Middleburg Festival, Florida

"Karen Abrahams' latest CD is a fine piece of Americana. She comfortably wears several musical styles. She twangs, she purrs, but Karen also Rocks, and kicks it into high on this latest release" -Local Flavor - Texas Indie Music

"Her good song writing, strong vocals, incredible energy make for a great CD" -Random Routes KEOS 89.1 FM

"Hits the room with full force" -Rio Magazine

“The crowd loved her. We want her back” -Savanah Georgia Historical Festival